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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Got breastmilk? Be careful!

Apparently, the milk processors in California may come after you with their lawyers if you use the popular lactivist play on "Got milk?"!

My favourite comment on the article (scroll down to the end of the article) - "hey lawyers, got brains?!" - love it!

Now, I own a trademark and I defend it and understand the need to defend your trademark but this borders on the ridiculous. I'm not sure how anyone would confuse the two phrases or think that the milk processors in California have added on a new line of milk produced by lactating women...what do you think?

Monday, July 28, 2008

This is a sad comment on society!

Victoria moms had trouble finding a place to accomodate the nation wide Breastfeeding Challenge being held later this year. Why are so many malls unwilling to help? Apparently too many of them were worried about offending shoppers! The irony? The event is all about normalizing breastfeeding, not hiding it away.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh, Guelph...

Did Gwen not teach you anything?!?

Summer Fun!

We've had lots of families in the store recently thrilled with how much smoother their summers are going with the truly comfortable and ergonomic carriers they've found at milkface. Though my children are past the carrying stage, my summer certainly would be a lot harder without my mom (whose 2 day a week childcare allows me to work!). Summer is a fabulous season - beautiful weather, more free time, lots of daylight - but, for many of us, our routines are thrown out the window and the result can be a bit stressful! So what's making your summer great? Tell us about the person, product, service, whatever it is that's allowing you to make the most of this great season with your kids and you'll have a chance to help other moms (and win $20 in milkface money!). So, c'mon, share! I know you've got lots of great ideas, share them by July 25th.