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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Nursing covers?

Several times a week, I get asked if I carry nursing covers. Almost as often, I get e-mails and phone calls from manufacturers asking if I'll carry their nursing covers. I have consistently said no to both questions and have now come across a product that may be a better solution. I've never carried nursing covers as they go against the philosophy of milkface - one of our goals is to normalize breastfeeding and to make it acceptable for moms to nurse their babies, wherever they happen to be and whomever they happen to be with. Though I certainly support any nursing mom who wants to use a nursing cover and understand that every mom must do what she feels comfortable with, promoting nursing covers is not something I want to do as I think it sends the message that nursing is shameful and should be hidden. So while the covers may be good for individual mothers, I don't think they're great for breastfeeding advocacy.

Yesterday a friend sent me a link to a new product that I still haven't made my mind up about. They're wide brimmed hats for breastfeeding babies! Their slogan is "Hide the breast, not the breastfeeding!". Definitely better than nursing covers in my book, as they don't look like a bib and don't cover the baby (no babies of mine have every tolerated the blanket over the head!). What do you think? You can find out more here.