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Thursday, September 25, 2008

How can this be happening?!

Dr. Jack Newman is a world renowned breastfeeding expert who has helped literally thousands of moms breastfeed. The man is tireless - I've personally known him to answer e-mails within hours of receipt, seen him talk and help mom after mom. His clinic in Toronto is an incredible service to the moms of the GTA (and further afield - I've known moms from Ottawa travel to see him), his website is a treasure trove of information and his articles are available to anyone who asks. Dr. Newman has been giving and giving for years - and yet Ontario seems to refuse to acknowledge his contributions to the health of our province. Dr. Newman's clinic is once again in danger of closing because of financial concerns. Please read about it in the Star and donate if you are able.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wow - CBC archive gem!

At milkface, we've been on the news lately talking about babywearing and breastfeeding. It was fascinating to find this amazing clip from 1963 on CBC about babywearing! (thanks to Corinne from UpMama for this)