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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Shotguns or Lasers?

Over the past few years we have used the shotgun approach to sharing our thoughts and ideas and promotions over the new, social media of the internet. This blog, Facebook, Youtube, e-newsletters, Twitter and others I can't even remember. Truth is, as we tried to do it all we put out material less frequently and of lesser quality. Milkface has never been a place for the masses. We serve a very small niche of the population. Shotguns won't work anymore.

This will be our last blog post. We feel that by thrying to share "the word" about breastfeeding and babywearing to all, we are missing opportunities the give important information to those who want and need it. We have long left Twitter (without any announcement) as we felt that there was just too much "noise" there and our messages were being lost in the hoarde.

Moving on, we have decided to increase our use of facebook to get out messages on what's making news in the babywearing and breastfeeding worlds as well as promotions in store. Facebook sems to be a great way to get immediate news out to you while allowing you to share your thoughts - which we encourage. Visit us at our facebook page and become a fan today! In addition, we will continue our twice-monthly email newsletters that we continue to get great feedback on. If you're not receiving our emails, head over to and enter your email address in the field at the top of the page and that's it!

Thanks to all who have followed us here and to those who took the time to share with us your thoughts and opinions. Let's continue our relationship, just in a different venue.

Signing off,
The Milkface Mama