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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It was bound to happen...

It happened a while ago. A mom was in store with her newborn babe in a car seat carrier. Mom was rushed and moving from one area of the store to another. Baby was peacefully enjoying mom's voice and the milkface decor. There was a crash followed by the baby's cries. The baby had fallen from the car seat and was on the floor. This unfortunate event happens more than we think, but often in the privacy of one's own home, not in front of an audience of other moms and an IBCLC. What would people say? What would they think?

No doubt, mom was feeling embarrassed. Judged. In a moment none of that mattered though, she went into immediate mom mode and responded to her child with soothing words, comfort food in the form of breastmilk and an inspection that only a mom could do - looking for anything that was different than the last time her eyes looked upon her child. Visibly, all was OK. The baby returned to a peaceful state in less than five minutes but mom was in a state that would take longer to calm. The others who were witness to, or aware of the event, came to the aid of their fellow mom in her time of need. Words of assurance were shared. Empathetic responses offered. This mom learned that this horrible thing that had happened - that she blamed herself for - was actually not that uncommon.

Has every mother dropped her baby? No, but it is say to say that many children have found themselves in harm's way as mom or dad was busy, distracted or just in a rush. This mom learned a lot on this day. She'll make mistakes. She'll be forgiven. She be supported. It will be OK in the end.

Days later, mom called the store to offer her thanks and to let us all know that, to ease her mind, a doctor's visit followed the event and the baby was fine. Baby won't ever remember that day at milkface. Mom will never forget.

If you've had a day like this mom, or if your day is yet to come, don't get down on yourself. You're not a bad parent and you're not alone. Be brave to start the conversation with your other mom friends and you'll find we've all had that day in some degree.