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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You got to know when to fold 'em.

The City of Ottawa and OC Transpo will start enforcing a rule that requires you to fold strollers on the bus starting April 2010.( )

A year ago the city was left in distress when a transit strike forced us all to seek alternative ways to get around this great city - or stay home. In fall they eliminated a number of popular routes forcing riders to transfer when they used to ride direct. Recently they threatened to remove the student savings benefit from those who were too old - you know, those who lost their jobs and were looking to better themselves by improving their education. Just weeks ago they announced a rate increase for all riders. Now they want to make it harder for new moms. Were OC Transpo not a monopoly, their treatment of their customers would put them out of business.

While we advocate the use of carriers we recognize the value of strollers in certain situations. We'll let OC Transpo know how we feel about their planned treatment of new moms and so should you.

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