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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

PimpMyBiz Contest - Submission #8

The intent of our first meeting was to be more ceremonial than practical. A meet and greet with the contest sponsors was, in theory, a great idea but never came to fruition as the schedules of too many people never seemed to align. In lieu of this meeting, Mark from Newcap Radio - the parent company of LIVE 88.5 - called us in to discuss what we had won, how they would facilitate our receipt and use of the winnings and gave a brief overview of radio marketing. The meeting was fascinating - well to be fair it would have probably been boring to the majority of the world but as a guy who records, so as not to miss a TV show about advertising (ad persuasion), and who has a direct impact and benefit in how the prize is used I was rapt.

Mark knew his stuff and came across as highly confident and competent - a combination that is essential in the sales game. The "short" meeting lasted 90 minutes. I could only imagine how long we would have been their if we had met with the other marketing execs from the other prize sponsors. In the end Britt and I came away with a better understanding of what we had won and how we would be allowed to apply it to our future goals.

Our intention at this point was to hold the radio and print advertising until our expected opening of a second Milkface store in Ottawa (stay tuned on that one) sometime in Q2 2009. We were ready to put into immediate use the vehicle wrap and web media portions of the prize. Mark was on board with these intentions and concurred that our plan was the best use of the prize. Unfortunately nothing happens fast when so many people are involved.

More to come...


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