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Monday, November 10, 2008

PimpMyBiz Diary - Submission #3

Days before the contest closed the morning crew started mentioning the contest. Good for them - bad for us. We waited...

The contest was closed. No more submissions. It was hard but Britt and I made no mention of this contest to our friends and family. It was too good an opportunity to add more potential contestants to the pool. The fewer people who knew about it the better our chances.

Now, after the closing of submissions, a new website surfaced,, and Britt was invited to a related facebook page. Word was spreading. Would we be named a finalist? We still did not know how they would select a winner. By what criteria? Who knew? I kept reviewing and dissecting our submission. It was perfect [Sorry for my immodesty ;)]! But was it what THEY were looking for? No way to tell.

Late afternoon, October 10, the phone at the Milkface store, 385 Danforth Ave in Westboro, rang. On the other end a radio station rep telling us we were selected as a top 5 finalist and we were to be at the radio station Tuesday morning to meet the morning crew and go on air to discuss the contest and Milkface Nursingwear. Small problem. The store was closed and the phone rang and rang only to go to voicemail. Now, this was the Thanksgiving weekend. The possibility existed that the message would not be retrieved until after our scheduled time to go on air. Fortunately we did not leave for the weekend and the message was retrieved the next morning along with an email from Lauren Stone who is part of the "Start Up." Britt calls me and tells me the great news. I've never been on the radio before - what should I wear?

More to come...


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