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Sunday, November 16, 2008

PimpMyBiz Contest - Submission #6

Saturday morning. "All or some" of the businesses to be profiled.

I turn on the radio at 11:40. I have missed the first 40 minutes. In the next 140 minutes I hear 4 businesses profiled. Ours is absent. Were we one the first 40 minutes? Were we overlooked? Good news, Britt has been at the store since 10:30 and the radio is always playing 88.5. Surely if we were profiled she would have heard it. Unfortunately she didn't because the store was too busy and her focus was on our customers. Jan, who was also at the store was too busy to here us if we were on. Again, I go through what does this mean if we were overlooked. Is this a good thing or a bad thing. Like a great debater I can make up arguments for both sides, each more convincing than the last.

Now we are 45 hours from the winner being announced. Britt is convinced we are not the winner. Surely they would want the winner on air to get a reaction. We have not been contacted so her argument makes some sense. I start to think that our positioning as a MOM STORE, effectively eliminating half of the listener base is what has hurt our bid. Sunday is not a great day.

Late Sunday I am listening to music. Britt calls me to come to bed and I say, "Just one more song and I'll be up." The clock ticks past midnight and of the some 5000 songs that could have been randomly selected by my MP3 played, the song selected is "This Is The Day" by The The. If you've never heard it (It has been used in an M&Ms commercial in 2008) there is a line in the chorus that goes, "This is the day your life will surely change." I'm tired and I go to bed after the song.

Monday morning comes and the girls have to be at school by 8. The winner is supposed to be announced just after the 8am news. At 8:09 we each have an earbud from the headset of my cell phone listening to 88.5 and Milkface Nursingwear is announced the winner of the Pimp My Biz contest. Were are silent as we look at each other trying to process what we just heard. Then excitement takes over.
We walk a few blocks to the store and Britt boots up her laptop with her email. At 7:59 she was sent an e-mail asking how to contact us as they wanted to have the finalists on the phone for a reaction in the event we won. Too bad we missed that email but there was no way we would have got any email after 4pm Saturday. We do our best to separate business from family time.

More to come...


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