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Monday, December 15, 2008

Business Is Good but what if...

Andy here. Sharing the Milkface board with but off the Pimp my Biz topic today.

I recently came across a blog entry from well known and highly respected (by me anyway) author, inventor and imagineer Seth Godin that I wanted to share for various reasons. His blog mainly covers marketing issues but can often be applied to human nature and why we are who we are (or who marketers want us to be).

The entry that caught my eye was an article on the human characteristic to share the stories of negative experiences, misdeeds and failures while we often keep those things we cherish - like your favourite mom store, Milkface Nursingwear and, a secret from others. He goes into the reasons for this and also offers some critically acclaimed enterprises that failed financially because they did not have the tools to get the word out - relying heavily on word of mouth marketing from satisfied customers.

We have enjoyed continued success at Milkface Nursingwear but need to be cognizant that our unmatched selection of nursing bras, carriers and nursing fashions, coupled with our compassionate, non-judgemental and down-right fantastic customer service may not always be enough to survive, especially in these financially trying times. For that reason I ask you as a regular milkface blog reader and milkface fan to let just one new mom know about us. We'd really appreciate it and so will she.

Seth's blog entry:

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At 11:35 AM , Blogger Jenelle said...

We'll be working hard to spread the word for you guys, we are the marketing gurus after all. We'll see you both soon!


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