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Saturday, November 29, 2008

PimpMyBiz Contest - Submission #7

We Won!

It is kind of surreal the feelings I am experiencing. I start to doubt what my ears hear hours earlier. Did it really happen or is it just what I wanted to hear? If Britt hadn't heard it too I would have serious doubts.

I sent an email to both Katfish and Kornicky letting them know that we heard the announcement and thanking them. Later in the day we get an email from a rep at the station congratulating us and advising us that a panel meeting would be held in the near future with all the prize suppliers to establish connections and run down what, exactly, we have won and how and when it can be used.

The night before the meeting was to take place we get 15cm of snow. Because of this snow the meeting is canceled. This makes no sense to me. This is Ottawa and 15 cm of snow is not a lot especially after coming off a winter with over 500cm and many days with 20+cm of accumulation. We made a lot of arrangements to ensure both Britt and I could attend this meeting but all for naught. Oh well.

We are presently waiting this meeting to happen. When it does I'll have more to tell you about. More to come.


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