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Thursday, November 06, 2008

PimpMy Biz Diary - Submission #2

The contest was to be open for about 3 weeks. The morning crew, the Live 88.5 Start Up with Katfish and Kornicky, were to be the guys dealing with the finalists and announcing the winner. But for weeks after our submission I heard no mention of the contest on the morning show (maybe they talked about it from 5:30am-7:00am while I slept). I heard spots for the contest at all other times but in the morning - strange. The radio station website mentioned the contest but details on what the prize was, other than a $50,000 business marketing makeover, was unclear. Equally unclear was how the submissions would be judged.

We now know what the prize entails and that our submission alone would be the basis of selecting the prize winner. We did do a spot on the radio introducing ourselves to the the crew and the listeners but nothing new came out of that session. I'll detail that visit in a later post.

The contest close was coming up and the day before we had still not been mentioned as a contestant (no company had) and I had no real confirmation that our submission was received. I feared that maybe they hadn't got our submission. Oddly, on that night that I sent in our submission I also emailed Britt the details of our submission so she would be aware of it - she never received it. Not in SPAM folder (did the word "pimp" scare the filter?), not in inbox, not anywhere. With that in mind I questioned if LIVE 88.5 even received our submission. This contest was too good an opportunity to miss so I resubmitted using the contest form and also sent a separate email to the contest email address. I slept well that night knowing that they now, for sure, know about Milfkace Nursingwear and why we should be considered for the contest.

More to come...

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At 2:35 PM , Blogger info said...

Britt, Andy and all the Milkface staff - Congrats on the win. That's awesome news. Enjoy the process and the rewards! I love seeing a family-run business thrive :)

Liisa at Stork


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