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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

PimpMyBiz Contest - Submission #4

Arrangements are made to take care of our 3 girls so we can make it to the radio station for 8:10 am. I have gone over our submission countless times, going over talking points we want to cover. If we weren't going to win we had to use this opportunity as a Milkface Nursingwear commercial and get some bonus exposure. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. "Britt, you want to go over this and decide who will discuss each point?" "Not really," the answer. But we do spend 5 minutes in the van on the way there. Didn't matter in the end. This wasn't our commercial, it was their show and they lead us. It worked out, probably to the betterment of all but it just goes to show that for all you do in life, your fate is often in the hands of others.

The guys are really nice. They have been a part of my life for years, almost every morning. Beyond nice, they are funny and really laid back. They can break away from a conversation in a split second after a song ends, go live on air, and fill the space with the comedic banter and information that I enjoy each morning. Real professionals that make the "magic" of live radio happen every day. This was cool. How would we do?

Rather than go on live they would record us for play later in the morning. We would be one of two business recorded on this day. We did not know who the other business was or if they, too, would be profiled this day. The spot goes well, is well directed by Katfish and Kornicky and we feel good about how we presented Milkface Nursingwear and how we would use the prize. There was more to say - so much more, but not enough time. Did we say enough to win this thing? Didn't know.

Traditionally, when the Start Up crew interview a guest they leave off with "One Final Question" - a question related to the guest or their area of expertise but never something that the guest might expect or prepare for. At the end of our interview I ask jokingly, "What, no final question." Kornicky says, "Nope, not enough time. I express relief as I knew that this would be the place where I stumble if it would happen at all. They smell blood in the water and say that they'll run long and add it. "Britt and Andy, when you first met each other, did you KNOW that (S)he was 'the one?'" Britt, without hesitation gives a "God, No!" exclaiming I was fashioned, both in personality and appearance, as a militaristic person. We laugh together. Next I answer that I did know that something was there that I could not explain. I should have left it there. Nice, sweet, touching. I didn't leave it there. I added, "But my ex-wife hates me saying that." Laughs were shared. True story.

Our spot is run later in the morning and it sounds great. We represented well and now have to wait 6 days for the winner to be announced. It is out of our hands at this point.

More to come..


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