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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Internal Debate at Milkface

Every now and then, we at milkface are asked if we carry nursing covers. We don't. We apologize and we cater to any other needs that shopper might have. One day the logical follow up question was asked, "Why not?"

The issue was raised internally and we had a different opinion from each staffer. Some were passionate supporters, claiming that they allow self conscious mothers the tool necessary to breastfeed in public. Others had passions as strong that stated breastfeeding is natural and normal and shouldn't be hidden and doing so suggests it is something that should be hidden. Great arguments were made on both sides and personal experiences were shared - experiences that were enlightening and made the issue less black and white for all of us.

In the end we decided that we would continue to not carry products manufactured with the explicit intent of shielding the act of nursing from others. We would be more proactive in educating milkface visitors that the discretion and privacy some of them seek can be achieved using the tools they already have - breastfeeding clothing and some carrier styles.

We believe that a milkface shopping experience is made an incredible one by virtue of the informational resources that our staffers are and the counsel that they can provide. Each a parent. All babywearers. All mothers experienced with breastfeeding. Twins. Cesarean sections, VBAC experiences. Post partum issues. We, collectively, have experienced them all and are generous to share our experiences. For milkface shoppers or during staff meeting discussions, our experiences set us apart. Visit a store today and see how we can help you.

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At 9:32 AM , Blogger Josephene said...

HI! I just discovered your store/website and am excited about it. I was looking for nursing covers, actually, using a Google search, and your site was listed. I would like to add to this two-year old debate (so I don't know how much it would matter). Nursing-covers in fact would encourage breastfeeding in public for those women who do not want to expose their breasts publicly for reasons of modesty, for example. Wanting to breastfeed outdoors is an issue not directly related to covering one's breasts when in public. A friend of mine, who is Muslim (she does not wear the hi-jab) is an ecological breastfeeder but does not want to expose her breasts. A cover would allow her to breastfeed publicly.
Of course, there are other stores that provide the covers. I just think the reasoning provided here is not thorough. It is not "the act of breastfeeding" that the covers hide; it's a woman's breasts, when she chooses not to show them. Anyways, great store.


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