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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Look what I found!

While I've been busy setting up shop at the new milkface home, I haven't found must time for cruising the internet. Tonight I'm making up for that and I found this great blog - The bOOb Lady's Blog. I love her take on the whole Victoria's Secret vs Baby Talk things (go on over and scroll down, you'll see what I mean!)

And speaking of the new milkface home, it is coming along SO well. We (and by that I mean the royal we!) have painted, gotten rid of carpet, installed new flooring, set up shelves and storage, knocked down a wall, painted some more and today moved all our stuff in! Yay! Tomorrow will be a big set up day and then we'll be ready for business in our new location. Not to worry for all you customers - we'll still pay just as much attention to you and as an added bonus, our new location means more efficient processes and a faster, better shipping process!


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