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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Baby Show and more on flight attendant

Well, spent the better part of the day at the Wee Welcome Mini Baby Show at Dovercourt. Unfortunately, mini was not only indicitive of the number of vendors - there was a seriously "mini" amount of attendees as well! It was very disappointing in that respect. I did enjoy spending time with the other vendors and meeting some that have brand new businesses related to babies/pregnancy/postpartum. I got in some serious hanging out time with my friend Cheryl (and her husband and their kids!) of Tickled Pink Designs. I carry her great nursing necklaces but she's branching out into more grown up looking stuff, including this amazing red necklace I got from her today. I felt very pulled together with my fancy red necklace - nothing like jewelery to make me feel not so momish!

Today I also met the very cool Dale from Wit Knits. Her t-shirts feature brainbuilding designs for your baby - seriously, check them out. I think I may need one even though my kids are past the baby stage! Another brand new business is LivALittle - t-shirts for kids with serious food allergies. Susan has t-shirts with slogans to ensure that kids who can't always speak for themselves get their food allergies acknowledged - very clever! Finally I chatted with Lisa of Stork Baby Boutique who lives around the corner from me and who has great giftable baby items - perfect for when you want to be the original one at a baby shower.

There's been some follow up in the media on the story we discussed a few days ago (see How much does this suck?!). Apparently the flight attendant in question has been disciplined. What this means nobody really knows - though this release from a company spokesman is quite promising - especially the part about this incident being used to ensure proper training with all frontline employees.


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