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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jennifer Garner is awesome!

I have long loved Jennifer Garner as an actress (Alias is one of my all time favourite shows!) and she's always seemed so nice and normal. This little blurb about her post-baby weight loss attitude proves me right!

Garner Is a Healthy Mom
Former "Alias" actress Jennifer Garner says she slimmed down after childbirth by breastfeeding, not crash-dieting.
Garner, who is married to Hollywood heartthrob Ben Affleck, gave birth to Violet in December last year.
The 34-year-old says, "(I lost weight) breastfeeding! That and a moderate exercise and eating plan with the help of my personal trainer.
"I wasn't about to jump on the celebrity mom bandwagon of getting super-skinny, super-quickly.
"I am more concerned about keeping healthy and spending time with Violet than anything else."

From the San Francisco Chronicle


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