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Monday, March 05, 2007

March Milkface Mom of the Month

So many M words in that title!

Name – Cheryl Hilborn
City – Ottawa
Kids – 2 great kids. Jenna is 4 1/2 and Evan is 18 months
Job – WAHM - I own Tickled Pink Designs
Best baby/kid product and why – A sling of course - although I like so many diffferent ones I absolutely LOVE my Kozy (mei tei) Carrier. Evan has gone everywhere in it - even Jenna has had a ride or two :) Being able to carry my babies was really important to me. I remember walking through the mall running after Jenna and nursing Evan in the Kozy. I felt like supermom! You couldn't even tell he was nursing and hre I was being able to keep up with Jenna and not have her feeling left out or ignored - and we got our shopping done too!
Favourite thing purchased from milkface and why – Hmm - My BOOB tops are probably my favourite clothes although I am also very fond of the Belly Huggers especailly with the cold weather. The BOOB tops made me feel so good postpartum and they are still the first tops I reach for even now. It makes nursing so discrete when you are out and about. They are the perfect companion to the Kozy carrier -no one even knows when we are nursing.
Favourite quick dinner – Scrambled eggs and toast -total comfort food
Links you love – Where to start :) Here are the latest ones. I loved her book Molecules of Emotion when I read it about 10 years ago - I just rediscovered her - I love his parenting book - especially Unconditional parenting - great newsletter called the daily groove - I look forward to it everyday

Best mom tip – Remember that kids are inherently good. They don't do things to get you mad - they just do things so they feel good. I find if we can look at things this way everyone is happier :)
Favourite way to relax – Bubble bath and a book. It alternates between the latest Nora Roberts and the latest parenting book. Alfie Kohn and John Holt are my current favourites.
Favourite game to play with the kids – Right now it is definitely hide-and-seek. Various versions depending on the day
Favourite thing to do on a rainy day with kids – When we've just had too much indoor time we go to Cosmic Adventures - a very fun indoor playground. Our latest cold day fun is to fill up our plastic pool with snow and then paint it with tempra paint/ water. Then we make snow castles and sculptures. So much fun!


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