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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Celeb scared of breastfeeding?!

So, apparently Jessica Alba is scared of breastfeeding, she's more concerned about that than about giving birth. So that begs two questions - first of all, how do I know Jessica Alba exactly? I don't remember seeing her in any movies at all... Secondly, is there a general perception that nursing is something to be afraid of? Have we moved so far away from breastfeeding as the norm that we expect it to hurt?


At 6:32 PM , Blogger ...Sarah said...

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At 6:33 PM , Blogger ...Sarah said...

Breastfeeding is absolutely one of those dividing subjects. People who don't do it often think people who do it are secretly judging them for not. I admit to occasionally thinking people chose to take the "easy" way out, but when faced with washing and preparing bottles, formula feeding has to be more stressful and time consuming. I also believe that nothing is truly easy. Many of my friends struggled with breastfeeding for months but they didn't believe that it was impossible and things worked out for them because of their determination. Really the problem is lack of support. I would advise anyone to get help with breastfeeding from a qualified person who they feel comfortable with. The more support you have and the fewer negative comments you hear, the more likely you are to succeed. When your hormones are drained post natal you need to hear as many encouraging and empowering things as possible. Some women seem to have evolved into thinking they cannot cope with, or handle things. We should believe we are strong and capable and powerful.


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