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Monday, November 13, 2006

International Breastfeeding Icon Launched

How great is this?! Mothering magazine recently had a contest to choose an icon to be used internationally to indicate breastfeeding. This awesome graphic, designed by the dad of a breastfed baby was chosen as the winner and is available for use (copyright-free!) in the public domain.

From the press release:

The purpose of an international symbol for breastfeeding is to increase public awareness of breastfeeding, to provide an alternative to the use of a baby bottle image to designate baby friendly areas in public, and to mark breastfeeding friendly facilities.
Of course, breastfeeding does not require a special place and is appropriate—as the Canadian government's slogan says—"anytime, anywhere." The purpose of the symbol is not to segregate breastfeeding, but to help integrate it into society by better accommodating it in public.

Read more here. Thanks to Mothering for spearheading this international venture. Here's to having the Breastfeeding icon become a common site!


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